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Below are newsletters and publications from the past years.  We will continue to write and summarize our activities for certain events and efforts.  

We are also beginning to migrate to using social media platforms such as FaceBook and YouTube more frequently to interact with our students, donors, sponsors and partners.  Please refer to these mediums for more regular updates.  Thank you.  

Newsletter #1:  August 2013  
Newsletter #2:  March 2014  
Newsletter #3:  Feb 2015  
Mentoring Luncheon:  2015
Mentoring Luncheon:  2014
2019 recipient stories
Phat at Phuoc Thien in 2016
2019 Activities Report
Saigon recipient stories:  2016
Hue recipient stories:  2015
Danang recipient stories:  2015
Saigon Dorm Visit 2013
Phuoc Thien Computers 2015
Phuoc Thien Discovery:  2014
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