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Computer Room

On 23 August 2019, AMA in collaboration with Savills Vietnam opened its first “AMA-SAVILLS Computer Room” at the student dormitory of the University of Education of Ho Chi Minh City.  The purpose of this computer room is to provide free and convenient access to desktop computers to the underprivileged students living in this dorm.  AMA estimated that up to 500-600 students lack easy  access to computers, out of a total population of about 1500 students living at the dorm.  This dorm was built in 1992 and mainly houses poor and underprivileged students of the university, including many AMA scholarship recipients.  Typically, for students who cannot conveniently access computers on campus or at home, they have to go to the closest private computer centers and pay for access to desktops, which creates another financial burden for them and their families (these students at the dorm are the most financially challenged people and they get dorm access for exactly that reason).  We hope to make a small difference in their lives with this computer center.


AMA-SAVILLS Computer Room offers 12 desktop computers and it is expandable to 18 desktops in the near future.  We may also seek laptop computer donations and start a laptop overnight rental program to meet needs of more students.  In addition, we can take up more space overtime and expand the size of this computer room together with the university.  This program can also be expanded to Hue and Danang at DHSP. 

Computer Room 1
Computer Room Neil
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