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Summer Camps

AMA organizes annual summer camps in two locations for all 3 universities so as to allow the students to bond with one another and come together as a community.  For the students of HCMUE in Saigon, we typically host this overnight camp at Ho Tram Beach in Vung Tau Province.  For our recipients in Danang and Hue, we bring these students into one destination near them in Central Vietnam. 


These summer camp events are very popular with students as they get a nice break after a long academic year, as well as an opportunity to deepen their friendships with one another and with us at AMA.  For the first-year recipients to AMA, this event is particularly helpful for creating a sense of belonging to a large community of like-minded students who are passionate about their education and pursuits in life.  The older students tend to help the younger ones, especially when it comes to public speaking and sharing inner thoughts with one another.  They learn how to develop their emotional intelligence, raise their level of self-confidence, and build trust with one another in a safe and fun setting. 

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