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Other Services

Summer Camps

AMA organizes annual summer camps in two locations for all 3 universities so as to allow the students to bond with one another and come together as a community.  For the students of HCMUE in Saigon, we typically host this overnight camp at Ho Tram Beach in Vung Tau Province.  For our recipients in Danang and Hue, we bring these students into one destination near them in Central Vietnam. 



AMA has over 20 volunteer members who are happy to act as mentors to our recipients on an informal basis.  These volunteers are also the same members who conducted interviews of students for AMA over the years, and they already know some of the student backgrounds quite well.  They open their hearts to our students and try to find other ways to help our recipients succeed in school and in life.  In addition, AMA does sponsor luncheons occasionally to get all the students and AMA volunteers together in a forum format, where they can share thoughts and challenges with one another.  Through sharing and caring for one another, we alleviate suffering for some students and open new and positive ways of thinking about tackling our own challenges.


Training is organized on an ad-hoc basis for our recipients at AMA whenever we are able to identify and secure effective and appropriate resources on a pro-bono basis from educators who want to give back to the local community as our volunteers.  

Computer Room

On 23 August 2019, AMA in collaboration with Savills Vietnam opened its first “AMA-SAVILLS Computer Room” at the student dormitory of the University of Education of Ho Chi Minh City.  The purpose of this computer room is to provide free and convenient access to desktop computers to the underprivileged students living in this dorm.  AMA estimated that up to 500-600 students lack easy access to computers, out of a total population of about 1500 students living at the dorm.  


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