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Our Founding Story

About Peter Mach

In honour of my father Minh Mach and teacher/friend Father Michael Agliardo, I am setting up this award and organization to help students who are in need of financial aid in order to  keep their hopes and dreams alive through the advancement of their education. Because of the support given to me by my family and kind-hearted people like Michael, I was able to enjoy a fine education in America, which later allowed me to pursue a successful career and live a fulfilling life.

About Michael Agliardo

I was born in a suburb of New York City in 1961, grandson of immigrants from Italy, son of a working-class father and a mother who devoted herself to making a home for her family. My parents tell me that even before I could read I would carry a book with me everywhere I went. When I finally learned to read, I thought it was such a privilege to be able to garner knowledge from the pages that others had laboriously penned. There were so many wonderful things to read about, and I wanted to learn everything I could.

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